Hi, I am Liyiming Ke, 柯丽一鸣, or “Kay”. I am a grad student at University of Washington working with Siddhartha Srinivasa. I am passionate about Robotics Manipulation, Reinforcement Learning, Representation Learning.

This blog was created on Sep 2017, when I entered grad school. I got my insprations from several awesome bloggers writing about Machine Learning. And I hope to share my journey in Machine Learning and to splash my random thoughts here.

You can reach me at kayke@uw.edu.

Kay in Seattle, Washington. Apr 2020.“At home during coronavirus lockdown” Seattle, USA. Apr 2020

Ongoing Project

As of 2019 winter, I am devoted to the chopstick-based manipulation project.

The chopstick-based manipulation project
= robot + chopstick + algorithm
= picking up challenging items!

We started the project in 2019 summer. We have been experimenting with imitation learning, reinforcement learning and control algorithms.

Checkout my Publications page to learn more!